Shade-loving Plants for Indoor Container Garden

Shade-loving Plants for Indoor Container Garden

Shade-loving plants for indoor container gardening include the likes of Staghorn Fern, Maidenhair Fern, and Pothos. The list of shade loving plants for indoor garden is a long one. There are many more such as Shade Dancer Pot, Shasta Baby Flowering Rose, Red Cardinal Flower, Purple Butterfly Bush, Black Eyed Susans, and a host of others.

1. Shade-loving Plants are Best for Indoor Garden

It may be difficult to know where to get started when you are looking for shade-loving plants for indoor container gardening. The best place to start is by reading a list of shade loving plants for indoor garden. Once you have a list of the shade tolerant plants you can grow successfully in low light environments, then you can plan on which plants to grow. The list of plants on the next page will give you some direction in selecting the shade tolerant plants you need to start with your indoor gardening project.

2. Major Classes of Shade-loving Plants

There are four major classifications of plants. Each classification has its own name and has common names that designate the color of the foliage and flowers of the plant. They fall into the categories of annuals, perennials, biennials, and bulbs. A short list of some of the more common names for each type of plant follows.

2.1 Annuals

The annuals are a beautiful group of color flowers. Some of the more common names for these flowers include Bluebell, Buttonwood, Hollyhock, and Hosta. The color of each flower varies because it is a matter of genetic inheritance. So, some flowers may come in various shades of blue and others in various shades of pink or purple. The flowers can be big or small and can appear on various plants.

2.2 Biennials

Biennials are an attractive group of shade-loving plants for indoor use. They usually grow up to three feet tall and bloom in all seasons. The most common of this group is the Bee Balm. Other biennials are the California poppy and the purple coneflower. If you want to create a dramatic effect in a room they are a good choice.

2.3 Perennials

Perennials are used to provide color and interest year after year. Some perennials are self-sowing, meaning that they start growing themselves within the month of planting. The Chinese elm, Japanese maple, Creeping mulberry, California poppy and the Virginia creeper are all annuals that can be started growing and planted right away. Some of these plants require only a light soil, mulch, and fertilizer. Other perennials may need to be weeded before planting.

2.4 Deciduous Plants

Deciduous plants are plants that fade in color during the summer months but bloom again in the wintertime. Some examples of deciduous plants for container gardening are the blue calla lily, the gardenia, and the California poppies. The Japanese pagoda tree and the Colorado scrub are annuals that bloom for the whole year. These plants all do require mulching, but they prefer a deep colored mulch. Annuals are best planted in the spring and are also great options for container gardening.

3. Choice of Shade-loving Plants Depend on Exposure to Sun

The list of shade-loving plants for indoor usage is quite large. This is because any shade will benefit plants that are placed there. You will have a great assortment of colors and textures to choose from if you use your imagination. Your choice will also be dependent upon how much sun exposure the plant gets.

4. Shrubs

Shrubs are another great option if you are trying to shade plants for indoor use. They are an excellent way to keep plants out of direct sunlight. Look at the list of shade-loving plants for indoor use and try to find some of the more compact varieties. You may even want to buy a couple of different types.

5. Clematis Plant

If you are looking for shade-loving plants for containers, you should consider some of the taller plants on the list. They come in many varieties from those that are very tall and bushy to plants that are more elegant. One plant that comes to mind is the clematis plant, which is great for containers. This plant comes with purple, lemon-scented flowers that bloom during the summer. Other examples of flowers for this purpose include the orchid and the Easter lily.

6. Conclusion

It is important to know about the shade-loving plants for indoor container garden before starting indoor gardening so that you will have an idea about the best starter plants because plants inside the house would not be able to get enough sunlight, therefore choosing shade-loving plants is a better option.

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