Railing Pots for Gardening

Railing Pots for Gardening

Using railing pots for gardening has become a very popular trend among gardeners. They are easy to create and make any garden look very attractive and stylish. However, most people tend to think that they are not safe to use around children and pets. But it has been found that the number of injuries related to gardening has actually gone down over the past few years. Here are some good tips to use when using railing pots for gardening with children.

Washing the Railings

Always wash your railings thoroughly before you start to grow any plants on them. You should never grow plants like roses and cucumbers directly on the pot because they can easily fall off the railing if there is no support for them. You should also be careful about using pots with sharp edges around the base. For example, sharp pointed ends of a pot should never be used to hold plants like clematis, daffodils or lily pads because they can harm these delicate plants.

Proper Place on Railing

A proper place on railing is one that does not pose any risk to the plants. A beautiful garden can look very elegant when plants are placed in such a way that they are out of reach of children and pets. This is why ramblers are usually placed around the garden’s perimeter where children cannot reach them. If the garden is in a bungalow or house, you should ask the owner to provide you with a safe place where the plants can be grown.

Do not Plant Directly

Do not plant plants directly onto the ground. When you are starting a garden and you already have some seedlings in your garden, you should consider buying a special plastic garden mat that you can place directly on the soil. It helps contain the roots of the seedlings while they grow. However, it is not advisable to plant plants like chrysanthemums, daffodils or tulips directly onto the mat. You can paint them onto the mat but you must take note that some colors will not last for long. You should also avoid planting the roses, begonias, honeysuckle, kohlrabi and sunflowers onto the mat.

Use Inexpensive Wrought Iron Pots

Another good idea is to buy an inexpensive wrought iron pot that you can place on the railing. Just ensure that the railing pot does not exceed its weight capacity because if it does, it might cause damage to the garden bench or other garden structures. If you live in an apartment or a flat, you can use a plastic milk crate as a railing pot. Just ensure that you cover it with fabric since fish tend to get attracted to areas that have lots of moisture.

Place Plants in Pot Before Putting them on Railing

Some plants like clematis would also be difficult for pet rats and dogs to get hold of. There are also some exotic plants that can only be accessed by human gardeners like cattails and poppies. Make sure that you place all your plants in their pots before placing them on the railings so that they do not wind up in the middle of your garden. You can choose plants like liatris, azalea, day lilies and others that can be used to fill in spaces and adorn the garden.

Choosing Plants for Railing Pots

When choosing plants, you should also consider the space you have available and the time you want to spend caring for these plants. If you do not have much time to tend to your garden, then go for less mature plants like sprouts and seedlings. You can choose plants like clematis and hostas that can grow quite fast and can survive on the rambler. However, remember to prune your plants especially when you repot them regularly or you might find them crowding each other.

Use your Skills to make Pots Unique

If you are more of a visual learner, you can opt for painting or staining your pots so that you can highlight the different colors of your garden. You can create a very unique look by doing this. Remember that you can add a bit of creativity to your garden benches by making your own garden bench covers. There are many designs that you can find in books or magazines or even on the Internet, so feel free to browse and explore.

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