Old Soil Mixes for Plants

Old Soil Mixes for Plants

Using old soil mixes for plants, that has been over sifted can cause many problems with your plants. One of the biggest issues is that it will most likely be too acidic for your plants. This means that if you use this type of soil for your plants, you may have to add lime or potassium to the soil in order for them to thrive. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of old sifted soil.

Drawbacks of Old Soil

One of the big drawbacks of old soil is that it is so saturated with nutrients that it will not be able to sustain even the heartiest plants. Old earth can be extremely heavy and can actually weigh down the roots of some plants. If you do not water your plants properly, this can lead to them becoming stunted or even dying.

Old Soil has Undesirable Properties

The problem with old soil is that it can also become very acidic when it has not been thoroughly worked. This means that the soil is highly inorganic in nature. It will break down quickly if it is fertilized with a large amount of materials. You will need to start trying to re-fertilize your soil with organic materials such as compost if you want it to maintain its nutritional value. However, if you are growing plants that can actually handle the old soil well, there is no reason to worry.

Benefits of Using Old Soil

There are benefits to using old soil as well. In fact, it is often better than some new soil that is found in gardens today. It is very rich in nutrients, which will make it ideal for your plants to grow in. Another bonus is that it can also help you determine what plants work best together. By working old compost with young garden soil, you can create an extremely nutrient dense soil that your plants will love. This will increase your yields and ultimately the quality of the plant as well.

Tips to Use Old Soil Mixes

When you are ready to begin using old soil mixes for plants, you should be sure to water the area very well. If it becomes dry or overworked with grass, it will lose its ability to sustain life. Your plants will not have enough moisture, and this can lead to diseases, deficiencies and other problems. You should water the old compost slowly and carefully. For the most part, just use a sprinkler system on a regular basis. It will be less likely to leave wet areas than if you had poured water on it directly.

Using Fertilizers with Old Soil Mixes

It is important to use the proper amounts of fertilizer with old soil mixes for plants. If the fertilizer is too heavy, it will break down and run off. Just add the proper amount as needed and continue watering. It will also be necessary to make sure that your soil pH level is maintained. Many people forget to do this and end up with poor quality soil. This is because the pH level needs to be in the ideal range for healthy plant growth.

Using Law Fertilizers can be Harmful

Many people will be tempted to use lawn fertilizer with old soil mixes for plants. However, this is actually harmful and can actually do more harm than good. Lawn fertilizers are mostly acid based, which means that they work to break down the natural soils of the lawn. These additives cause the soil to become even more acidic, which makes it harder for the plants to survive. Instead, you should use a liquid lawn fertilizer that contains an alkalizing ingredient.

Avoid Using Commercial Fertilizers

You should also avoid using commercial fertilizers with old soil mixes for plants, as these contain harsh chemicals that can destroy the pH balance of the soil. The best option is to use an organic, slow-release fertilizer that contains the right balance of nutrients to ensure the health of your plants. This is the safest way to ensure that the plants you grow will thrive for many years.


Old soil mixes are not preferred for plants, as they have their properties changed and they can be harmful for plants if not used properly.

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