Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Blackberries

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Blackberries

The nutritional value and health benefits of blackberries are many. Blackberries are one of nature’s purest foods. They were the first fruits to be domesticated by man. Blackberries have been used as sweeteners, energy supplements, diuretics, laxatives, and cancer prevention agents for centuries. The blackberry is a rich, thick berry with an intense red hue. It holds many essential nutrients including minerals, fiber, vitamins, and anthocyanins.

1. High Level of Dietary Fiber

One of the most important nutritional value and health benefits of blackberries is their high level of dietary fiber. Fruits with a high level of dietary fiber are considered to be “complete” foods because they meet the recommended daily allowance of fiber. The fiber in raspberries is so high that it outweighs the sugar and other natural fiber sources in a typical diet. This makes them a great addition to anyone’s diet and a valuable addition to the daily vitamin c regimen.

2. Absorption of Calcium

Another one of the great nutritional value and health benefits of blackberries is the nearly one hundred percent absorption of calcium in their pulp. Unlike other fruits, which slowly lose calcium through digestion, blackberries are quickly absorbed by the body. Calcium is vital to strong bones and teeth, and it helps to lower the risk of developing osteoporosis. This added benefit makes it a great addition to anyone’s daily vitamin C intake.

3. Blood Cells and Collagen Production

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production and formation of blood cells. Without vitamin C, many essential body proteins such as albumin, do not form. In fact, without vitamin C, our bodies cannot properly digest sugars and carbohydrates, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies. Many common forms of vitamin C deficiency include frequent infections, weak immune systems, malabsorption syndromes, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin K deficiency, and too little fat on the body.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Aside from providing plenty of antioxidants, blackberries are also packed with vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. Folic acid is an essential nutrient that the body needs to carry out different functions. It is found in many fruits and vegetables and is needed in order for the baby to grow healthy and strong. A diet rich in folic acid is recommended for pregnant women and new moms, since they are at risk for having birth defects like cleft lip palate, brain defects and brain damage. Blackberries can help lower blood pressure, prevent homemaker defects and lessen the risk of strokes. It is important to note that women who are expecting should not consume blackberries because it can negatively affect their pregnancy.

5. Prevent Cell Damage

One of the nutritional value and health benefits of blackberries is that the antioxidants in blackberries are known to prevent cell damage. Oxidation is also one of the causes of inflammation in our body. Antioxidants may help in preventing excessive inflammation. There are many kinds of berries that can provide antioxidants but blackberries seem to be very helpful for this purpose. They may help in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

6. Improved Digestion

The fiber content in blackberry is quite high. The fiber found in this fruit helps in easy digestion. When you consume this fruit in the form of juice, it becomes easier for your colon to absorb all the nutrients. The fiber content of this fruit provides a perfect balance to our nutrition.

7. Prevent Colon Cancer and Kidney Stones

One of the best-known health benefits of blackberry fruit is its ability to prevent the development of kidney stones and prevent colon cancer. However, it cannot prevent other kinds of cancers because of the high level of fiber it contains. It may also prevent cancer at the skin level, as most people know that blackberries contain lots of antioxidants. So, if you want to protect your skin from premature aging, you can try eating one cup of berries every day.

8. Protect from Oxidative Stress

The nutritional value and health benefits of blackberries are because they protect the body from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results in inflammation and is a major cause of diseases like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. It is believed that antioxidants found in this berry or in other dark berries prevent free radical damage and help in reducing oxidative stress. Studies have shown that intake of blackberries daily leads to a decrease in the levels of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

9. Promote Good Health

There are also a variety of other nutrients in blackberries that help promote good health. The berries contain a class of powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins that have the ability to rid the body of harmful free radicals. They can be found in dark-purple or red berries and are commonly used as natural ingredients in antioxidant supplements and vitamin juices. Clinical studies have shown that anthocyanins can reduce the risk of cancers, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hyperlipidemia, obesity, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. These berries are a great source of almost all the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need. Aside from its delicious taste, the health benefits of blackberries are too many to ignore.

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