Maintenance of Soil Structure for Plants

Maintenance of Soil Structure for Plants

Maintenance of soil structure for plants is vital for their long-term survival. Plants are dependent on good soil structure to provide them with both protection from adverse weather conditions and the required water, nutrients and fiber for successful growth. It is well known that different plants require different amounts of these vital nutrients, and that the quality of the soil in which these nutrients are available can influence these levels. Soil that is not suitable for a particular plant can result in the death of the plant, or in other cases, the plant may grow too well and be unable to survive in its environment. Thus, if you wish your plants to be healthy and survive, then the maintenance of soil structure for plants is vital.

1. Factors to Determine the Quality of Soil

There are several factors that determine the quality of the soil in which plants grow. One of them is the pH level. The pH level in the soil is determined by the concentration of different elements in it. Soil with a higher percentage of dissolved solids than acid or alkaline is said to be neutral, while the reverse is true for soils with higher percentage of acidic matter. If your garden contains very heavy acid content, then it would be advisable to enhance the pH level in the maintenance of soil structure for plants.

2. Fertilizing the Plants

A lot of attention should be given to the fertilization process. Fertilizers play an important role in the maintenance of soil structure for plants. So, in order to maintain best soil structure for plants, fertilizers should be used in the right proportion. There are two methods of fertilizing the soil; chemical and organic. Organic fertilizers are said to be better for the long-term health of the soil structure, but they tend to be more expensive than chemical ones. Chemical fertilizers are, however, preferred by most people as they are less expensive.

3. Principles for Maintaining Best Soil Structure

When you plan to maintain best soil structure for plants, there are some principles that you need to consider. First of all, fertilizers should be applied to the surface of the soil, not into the deeper soil layers. Also, when you are planning to add topsoil or compost to the surface of the soil, make sure that it is of a good quality. An improper combination can result in poor plant growth and yield.

4. Using Well-balanced Fertilizers

A well-balanced fertilizer is vital for the growth of plants. It should provide them with all necessary nutrients for their development. Nutrients include nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and copper. These provide strength to the roots as well as the necessary vitamins and minerals to help them thrive. Potassium is one of the key minerals in having the best soil structure for plants.

5. Watering the Plant

Water is another factor that plants need. Plants grow based on a supply of water. Fertilizer helps the roots of the plant to absorb water, salts and other important nutrients from the soil. Without this water soluble component, the plant cannot survive. Too much or too little of this element can also result to plant diseases.

6. Mulching

Good mulching, the process of enriching the soil with organic matter is also an important part of the fertilization process. This process ensures that the roots of the plant to get proper nutrition. Mulching should be done at least during spring time. By doing this, more water is absorbed by the plant. Also, there is less moisture in the soil for the plant to retain.

7. Best Soil Structures for Plants

Some of the best soil structure for plants include peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, coconut coir, fir bark, fir stalks, straw, coconut fiber, the bark of trees, and decomposed granite. You can do these things yourself if you are familiar with the process. If not, then you can always go to your local garden center and ask for help. Most of the garden centers will have professionals who will be glad to help you. The cost of this service will depend on the size of the area where you want to have it done and its nature.

8. Conclusion

The soil is the basic ingredient needed by plants and the maintenance of soil structure for plants is necessary to make sure that the plants will grow healthy and flourish in the future.

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