Maintaining a Tidy Allotment

Maintaining a Tidy Allotment

If you have a lawn or an allotment and are looking for ways of maintaining a tidy allotment then this article will give you some valuable information. Maintaining a tidy allotment is a necessity, if you let things go on a waste there will be no maintenance and by the time you realise there are patches of dead grass this will have taken root causing a whole host of other problems. If you do not take action to keep your lawn and your allotment tidy then the chances are that it will spread, and more often than not spread rapidly, leaving you with a dead piece of land and no grass. If this happens to your lawn or your allotment the costs incurred will far outweigh any amount you may have thought to spend on the product or service you have ordered. So, take action now, before it’s too late.

1. Mowing the Allotment

So, the first step is to mow your Allotment at least once a week, at least once each week. Do not cut your lawn when it is wet. Take your time, and make sure that you mow in a straight line, making sure that you do not miss any spaces between the rows of grass. This will help to ensure that the next time you mow the lawn, there won’t be any extra grass growing where you didn’t mow the last time. This way you will reduce the risk of having unruly grass growing back where you did not mow.

2. Automatic Sprinkler System

Another way in which you can keep your lawn neat and tidy is to use an automatic sprinkler system to keep your lawn watered. There are many lawn sprinklers that you can buy today. They can either be wired to water your lawn automatically when the correct valve is turned on, or you can use a timer for a more precise action. Either way, these lawn sprinklers ensure that you mow your lawn and keep the greenery.

3. Keep the Grass Growing

Maintaining a tidy allotment also involves keeping the grass growing. There are many ways in which you can do this. One of the simplest ways in which you can ensure that your lawn keeps growing is by mowing often. However, it is essential that you keep up the frequency of mowing so that it does not become unpleasantly overgrown.

4. Water the Allotment Adequately

Another important thing to remember while maintaining a tidy allotment is that you must water your lawn adequately. It is essential that you give the lawn water on a regular basis and in the right quantities. Too much water or watering will only encourage the growth of weeds. Also, if you water too frequently, it may also result in the growth of mold and other organic matter on the grass blades. You must ensure that you give the lawn a sufficient amount of water to ensure that it remains green, clean and healthy.

4.1 Methods of Aeration

You have to be careful when using the methods of aeration and you also have to select the right type of aerator for the lawn. It is better to use a rotary style where the head will rotate horizontally. These types of aerators are best suited for small areas. You can also go for a tractor style where you let the tractor to do the work. This will help you save water as well as cut down on the weeds.

5. Use Weed-killers

The easiest way of doing a good job of maintaining a tidy allotment is to use a weed killer. Before you lay the weed killer down, ensure that you have first soaked all the grass and then laid it in a protective sheet. It is better to mow the lawn regularly so that no weeds are able to sprout.

6. Use Biological Methods of Weed Control

Another method is to use biological methods of weed control. There are two techniques you can use. One is the use of systemic pesticides which usually contain either baits or micro-organisms that will destroy the roots of the weeds. The other method is that of oral and injection where the toxic compounds are shot into the soil below the weed beds. Both of these techniques are very effective.

7. Composting

Organic matter can be maintained through composting. This can be done by cultivation of the lawn. There are certain fertilizers and greenhouses that are particularly designed to cater for this purpose. This is done by ensuring that the soil is kept aerated. In addition to that, ensuring that there is sufficient amount of sunlight and shade for the grass to grow.

8. Keep the Soil Moist

Try and keep the soil moist as much as possible. If you do not have an artificial source of water in the lawn, the best way to keep it moist is to water it from time to time.

9. Use Weed Eaters

Another method is the use of weed eaters. You can simply rake the weeds and use them like small ladders to reach the tops of the plants. The biggest problem with weeds is that they grow in very small amounts. If you can manage to eliminate them entirely, then your lawn will be much healthier.

10. Conclusion

There are many other methods of maintaining a tidy allotment and for weed control that you can practice. But these steps seem to be the best ones. The best part about these methods is that they are easy to follow and require little or no maintenance.

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