Killing Off Weeds in Allotment

Killing Off Weeds in Allotment

There are several different methods for killing off weeds in allotment that can be implemented if you want to reduce the amount of weeds in your garden. Methods range from using chemicals to changing the soil, using simple tools, or completely organic methods. Many people who are new at organic gardening may want to try a combination of methods for killing off weeds in allotment. The following article will discuss some methods that can be used in a variety of gardens.

1. Weed Killer Sprays

Weed killers sprays work by setting off an instantaneous chemical reaction that damages the roots as well as the leaves of the weeds. This process disrupts the way the plant grows thus killing it off quickly. One of the main drawbacks to using chemicals in an attempt to kill off weeds in allotment is the fact that they can be harmful to the environment. They may contain harmful chemicals which may have an effect on the soil in your garden. Using chemicals can be especially problematic if you live in an area with harsh winters or rainy seasons.

2. Using Hoe to Remove Weeds

One of the oldest and most common methods of removing weeds is the hoe. In the hoe, a narrow wire brush is used to remove the entire topsoil of the weeds. A trowel applied over the surface deters the roots from growing further down, while using sharp blades to remove the outer surface layer. This makes sure that the roots are broken and removed from the soil.

3. Damping

Damping is another widely used method of removing weeds in allotment. In this method, a shallow trough is dug, with a layer of soil inside. Water is added and the top of the trough is covered with a thin layer of soil. When the water evaporates, the soil absorbs the water and when the evaporation process is complete, weeds are completely removed. This method is very good for small and confined areas.

4. Using Chemicals

Another method of removing weeds in allotment is using chemicals. Weed killer is a popular chemical used for this purpose. Chemicals can be sprayed over the entire surface to get rid of weeds. However, one should be careful when spraying chemicals as they have the potential of hurting the surrounding environment. This method is good for large areas, but the spreading of chemicals might damage the surrounding vegetation. For smaller gardens, organic methods are considered the best.

5. Using Herbicides

There are two main types of herbicides – synthetic and organic. Synthetic herbicides come in tablet form, which dissolve in the soil. Organic herbicides, on the other hand, grow naturally, with the help of compost and other nutrients. These herbicides, especially those found in allotment, control weeds throughout the growing season.

6. Non-Selective Sprays

A good organic method to killing off weeds in allotment is the usage of non-selective sprays. These sprays can be easily applied in all seasons, as they are made for any given type of garden. One must however make sure that the chemicals used are non-toxic and will not harm the existing flora of the soil. Other methods like digging, using rakes, and hand-washing are also available if organic methods cannot be implemented in your area.

7. Irrigation

Irrigation is another popular method. This method of controlling the problem is a little more time consuming than chemical methods. However, it is the best method as it is safe for human beings and animals. Various pumps and filters are required for the process of irrigation.

8. Using Water Faucet

Another popular method of controlling this problem is the use of a water faucet with an attached sprayer. A hose is connected to the faucet and when the water is sprayed over the affected area, it will loosen the soil and let the water to penetrate into the ground. This method of using water for this purpose has its own set of drawbacks. For one thing, the targeted area is usually outside the home, so the water used must be quite sufficient for the entire home.

9. Using Traps and Plugs

There are many other methods to kill off the unwanted weeds in an organic manner. These include the use of traps and plugs. This involves using special tools to dig holes in the ground around the home. The inside of the holes will contain baits and the seeds of the weeds that have been planted. Other methods include using a rototiller to eradicate the weeds in an organic manner.

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