Insecticidal Soaps for Gardening

Insecticidal Soaps for Gardening

Insecticidal soaps for gardening, as the name implies, is a chemical that kills insects. It is not to be used directly on the plants. It may be dangerous if it is ingested and cause injury to the digestive system or other body parts. In fact, its use is restricted to the growth and development of the plants. You can apply insecticidal soaps for gardening in the following ways:

1. Applying Insecticidal Soaps

1.1 Pots and containers

This is an easy way of applying the soaps. You have to wash the containers thoroughly before putting any insecticidal product in them. Afterward, you may spray the soaps on the leaves and other parts of the plant. Before you spray the soil, make sure that you wash the leaves thoroughly so that there will be no traces of insecticide residue remaining.

1.2 Spreaders

Spreaders are another method of applying the insecticidal soaps. They are usually attached to the garden tools such as the spade or hoe. These spreaders do not require much effort. You just have to spread the soaps evenly over the soil.

1.3 Manure

Many people think that insecticidal soaps for gardening kill only the unwanted pests. This is not true. The soaps also destroy the nutrients present in the soil. So it is important to water the plants well after spraying the soil with insecticidal soaps.

1.4 Controlling the insects

To control the insects, you have to plant some edible weeds. This is to prevent the insect from entering the garden. You have to ensure that you plant the edible weeds at the right time of the year.

2. Residual Insecticidal Soap

The residual insecticidal soaps will last for some time even if they do not kill the insects totally. However, this does not mean that you should expose yourself to the residual soaps for a long time. You can wash the residual soaps off your hands with water.

3. DIY Insecticidal Soap

You can make your own insecticidal soaps at home. If you want to know more about making these soaps, then you can surf the internet. There are instructions to follow. The total expenditure in making and using insecticidal soaps for gardening will vary depending on the amount of ingredients and the process used.

4. Availability of Insecticidal Soaps

These insecticidal soaps for gardening are available at many stores. There are many manufacturers of these insecticidal soaps. Most of the companies produce their products online. You can get the insecticidal soaps through mail order. Some companies also offer the insecticidal soaps at a discount.

5. Economical

The other reason why you should use insecticidal soaps for gardening is that they are cheap. They are available at a lower cost than the other soaps that you can make at home. When you make other types of natural soaps, they may not be available at a low cost. However, they need to be made in large quantities.

6. Choose According to Requirements

You can choose the type of insecticidal soaps that you want to use based on your needs. You need to choose between soaps that are designed for light and heat, cold and hot weather and other weather conditions. There are also soaps that contain certain chemicals that need to be read before buying and using them. Some of the chemicals that are used for insect control might be toxic when applied to some animals. Therefore, before using any type of insecticidal soaps for gardening, make sure that it is safe for the insect and the animals that will come into contact with it.

7. Keep Away from Children

It is also important to keep the insecticidal soaps for gardening away from children. They might have different levels of toxicity. Be sure that they do not come into contact with any other substances before using them on the plants that you have. In order to ensure that the insecticidal soaps for gardening do not affect the growth and development of the plants, they should be stored in a sealable container.

8. Read Labels

It is also advisable to read the labels on the insecticidal soaps for gardening. Make sure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. There are many plants that respond to the insecticidal soaps for gardening and they help to reduce the number of pests that attack the garden. However, the insecticidal soaps for gardening should not be used for all types of insect because there are different insects that attack different types of plants.

9. Best Insecticidal Soap

The best choice is the insecticidal soap which contains diatamaceous earth or baits. This is very effective to kill leafhoppers, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, mealy bugs and varroa mites. Baits can also be used on cottonseed, sunflower, broccoli and chrysanthemums. A properly diluted solution is best to use on such plants.

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