Health Benefits of Potatoes

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Health Benefits of Potatoes are many. Potatoes are among the most important and common food sources in the world, which makes them a staple in many diets around the globe. However, these health benefits can also include their ability to help improve digestion, decrease cholesterol levels, increase heart health, and prevent polyps from forming in the colon. These are only a few of the health benefits of potatoes that make them such a healthy food source.

1. Lower Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Diseases

Fiber is also a major benefit of potatoes and can be found in potato salads, as well as in certain other forms of cooked and raw foods. Fiber is known to help lower cholesterol and to aid in the prevention of heart disease. It is also believed to prevent cancer, as well as to promote weight loss, and to heal the digestive system. One of the most important ways that fiber helps to heal the digestive system is that it forces the body to release its toxins through the bowels and urinary tract. Because of this, eating foods such as baked potatoes that have high amounts of fiber can help lower a person’s risk for developing heart disease and cancer.

2. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

The second of the health benefits of potatoes is an antioxidant. Apples and carrots are two excellent food sources for antioxidants. However, unlike some other vegetables, baked potatoes contain an abundance of the antioxidant, beta-carotene. This antioxidant is thought to reduce the development of cancer cells and is believed to prevent heart disease. This is probably due to the fact that other vegetables contain the antioxidant, lycopene, which is not present in a baked potato.

3. Maintenance of Eyesight and Skin

The third benefit of potatoes is that they contain Vitamin A. This vitamin is necessary for the healthy maintenance of eyesight and for healthy skin. In addition, it is essential for the formation of healthy hairs and teeth. It is not found in abundance in plants, so eating a wide range of other foods containing Vitamin A is the best way to ensure that a person gets enough of this vitamin.

4. Control Cholesterol Levels

The fourth benefit of potatoes is that they contain vitamin B6, which is considered to be an important dietary fiber. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in weak bones and teeth and other health problems. Vitamin B6 also helps control the cholesterol levels in the blood and helps increase the amount of energy available to muscles. In addition to these health benefits, there are additional benefits that have been linked with potatoes. For example, potatoes are a source of potassium, which is needed to help prevent muscle cramps.

5. Improve Digestion

The fifth health benefits of potatoes include improved digestion. This is possible because potatoes contain good amounts of fiber. They also contain soluble vitamins, which are known as folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D. Folic acid, in particular, helps prevent spurring of the blood vessels that causes a type of spasm known as scurvy. This condition can cause a weakening of the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the flow of blood, which is the root cause of a number of medical conditions, including coronary artery disease. Scurvy can also result in gout.

6. Prevent Gout          

The potassium present in potatoes helps to neutralize gastric acids which cause discomfort in some people. Therefore, people with gastritis and heartburn should avoid potatoes that are high in salt. However, people with sensitive stomachs can consume potatoes that are low on salt and have low levels of sugar as long as they are cooked and kept chilled until they are ready to eat. Cooling the potatoes makes them easy to digest and may help to avoid the onset of gout. So may help to prevent and reduce the risks of gout and other serious medical conditions.

7. Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Another thing that potato chips may contain high levels of is beta carotene. The beta carotene found in potatoes is similar to that found in carrots, cantaloupe, and broccoli. Some researchers believe that eating a diet high in these types of vegetables may lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. Because some vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, such as carrots and spinach, it may also help to protect against cataracts.

8. Helps in Weight Loss

As you can see, eating potatoes is not only good for you but it can be good for your waistline too. If you have been struggling with weight gain, chances are good that your potato intake has been minimal lately. Make sure to increase your intake of potatoes slowly and you should soon start to see the weight loss that you want. Besides weight gain, another reason why you may have been having trouble losing weight is that you do not have enough carbohydrates in your diet. Increasing your intake of fiber will help to offset this problem so eat more potatoes and be happy with the results!

9. Conclusion

Potatoes are an alkaline food. In fact, the alkalinity of potatoes is highest in green potatoes which are high in potassium content. Potatoes are also a good source of magnesium, which is essential for our body’s healthy bones and nerves. Potatoes are also a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin B6 as well as folic acid and calcium. All these nutrients are vital in ensuring the proper functioning of various body systems. Potatoes, therefore, should be included in any healthy diet and is an important part of every healthy diet.

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