Environmental Factors Affecting Container Gardening

Environmental Factors Affecting Container Gardening

Containers, whether they be plastic or metal, are used for a wide variety of different types of gardening. There are a multitude of advantages to container gardening, but there are also a few environmental factors affecting container gardening that should be considered. These factors are how the container is cared for, what the container is made of, how the container is transported, and how the container is maintained after the initial purchase. All of these factors can have an effect on how the plant will grow, how it grows, how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, and how it feels. This article will explore these environmental factors and how they affect container gardening.

Soil as the Life Source of Plants

The first environment that should be examined is the soil. Soil is the life source for the plant and will need to be carefully cared for in order for the plant to grow and flourish. It is important to know the basic elements needed to maintain the health of the soil, and the specific nutrients needed for the plant. After a soil test is performed, a good base is well on the way to being successful with container gardening. A healthy soil base is the foundation of a successful crop and cannot be replaced if the soil is chosen incorrectly.

Selecting Type of Soil

Soil type is also important. Some plants prefer soil that is acidic while others prefer alkaline soil. This should be determined during the purchase or planting of the containers. Once planted, caring for the plant should only consist of periodic feedings to keep the plant healthy, as no soil material should be added to the plant.


Another factor that affects plants is the temperature of the environment. Different plants require a different temperature in order to grow. If a plant is not given the temperature range it needs to grow, it will suffer ill effects. For example, a plant that requires more warmth will grow poorly in containers, as the soil cannot hold its shape under these conditions.

Amount and Quality of Water

The amount and quality of water is also an important environmental factor affecting container crops. Plants need access to water in order to survive and thrive. It can also prevent soil erosion and help plants grow properly. With the many forms of irrigation systems on the market today, knowing which is best for a particular plant can be quite daunting. Watering in the right way and at the correct intervals is a way of environmental control as well as for health reasons.

Effect of Sunlight

There are other environmental factors that are important to consider beyond these three. For example, a plant’s location can dictate its growth and health. For example, a plant needs access to sunlight in order to grow. Sunlight is especially important during the growing season, when the plants need energy to thrive and reproduce. Certain flowers and vegetables, such as strawberries, need their roots to stay healthy and grow as healthy as possible. All of this plays an important role in the food chain that we all know, and it all ties back to proper nutrition.

Choice of Seeds

Some of us simply love getting outdoors. For those of us, a fresh salad in the morning is just what we need to get us through the day. Container gardens can provide a wonderful source of fresh produce, but they do require a lot of work. Planting things in the garden means you need to carefully choose the right type of seeds. Also, there are many different ways to fertilize and irrigation the plant, both with hoses and with pots or containers themselves.

While there are many environmental factors that affect a plant’s ability to grow, some of these are beyond your control. However, you can still take steps to make sure your plant grows well. Make sure to replant dead flowers and leaves regularly to keep the plant looking healthy. If you have an issue with insects eating your plant, you can purchase special insecticides that are designed for plants. Most garden stores should carry a variety.

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