Container Gardening is Easier than Traditional Gardening

Container Gardening is Easier than Traditional Gardening

Container Gardening is Environment Friendly

Container gardening is very friendly to the environment. Watering is no longer needed since the roots will soak up as much water as they need, without having to wade into a puddle. It’s much easier to keep the roots well watered when they’re planted in a small container since you can repot them every two weeks or so, depending on the size of the garden. This makes your gardening much more manageable, not to mention more enjoyable!

Irrigation is Less Time Consuming in Container Gardening

With the introduction of automatic irrigation systems that can be bought in any home improvement store, there’s no more manually watering your plants. You can simply put your containers on the hose and they’ll get water automatically. Irrigation is much less time consuming with an automatic irrigation system because you no longer have to measure the water level, add more water or empty water containers. In fact, this new kind of gardening is so convenient and easy that many people are replacing their lawn sprinkler heads with container ones.

Container Gardening Requires Less Maintenance

Since container gardening is about limiting water and nutrient loss, you might think that your plants would require nearly no maintenance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though you can’t wash soil off your containers very often, if you’re anything like me you do still notice that your plants look just a little greener after each watering.

Container Gardening Do not Require Replanting

In Container gardening you don’t have to replant. All you need to do is remove the dirt from around the base of your plant and push it into a container. No more watering or weeding! If you’re using a built-in garden frame, this process might seem a bit more tedious, but it is still quite simple for those who are not doing it from scratch.

Use of Containers is Easier

If you have plants that prefer sandy soil, you’ll need to be careful with how you loosen and moisten soil. Containers are usually made from plastic and it can be difficult to keep enough water in without sinking the container bottom. Be sure to add a little water to each hole before putting your plant in. This way it doesn’t take much water to completely saturate the soil. Just be sure to rinse and then wipe your dirt surface before moving on to the next planting.

Soil Used in Container Gardening is Less Expensive

Often you’ll be dealing with a tight budget but still want to grow hearty plants. Soil used in container gardens is usually less expensive than soil in traditional gardening. This is another advantage to starting out with containers. If you plan on doing your own tillage, you won’t need to purchase any tiller or other garden equipment. Just keep an eye on the moisture level in the soil and you’ll be fine.

Containers can be Moved Everywhere

Once you have properly set up your container garden, you can easily move it from place to place if necessary or rearrange the plants. No more digging. The weight of the soil will hold it in place. You can easily move it from the lawn to the garden or vice versa.

Container Gardening Require Less Work and Effort

The truth about container gardening is easier than traditional gardening. It does involve work but it also doesn’t require a lot of work or effort. You can easily move it from one location to another or rearrange the plants with ease. That makes this a great option for busy people.

Maintenance of Soil Is Easier in Container Gardening

Container gardening allows you more options in the types of soil you use. It allows you to maintain the soil in between plantings keeping it light, moist, and free of chemicals. Using small amounts of soil allows you to mix it together to create a rich, quality garden soil that is better for your plants than what you could get by using large amounts of soil. Containers allow you to water your garden in a more effective manner. The soil will drain easier and water will stay in the soil longer because of the smaller amount of water used.

Ease of Moving Container at Desirable Place

Some of the challenges you may face with container gardening are not as major as those you would face with traditional gardening. One of the biggest challenges you may encounter is not being able to see the results of your work. With container gardens, you can simply move it to another area to view your work. You don’t have to water or fertilize your garden.

Easier than Traditional Gardening

When you have a large garden that you want to maintain, it is possible to hire a professional gardener to come in and take care of it. A lot of work goes into maintaining a large garden that is why many people opt to have a gardener to take care of their garden. If you are new to container gardening, you may want to consider trying it on your own. You will find it is easier than you ever imagined and you can do more than you ever dreamed of. Don’t let the fact that it doesn’t involve a lot of hard work to stop you from starting.

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