Best Herbs for Eco-Gardening

Best Herbs for Eco-Gardening

The best herbs for eco-gardening are usually those that are in season. There is nothing more disappointing than finding fresh herbs that you love, picked and ready to use, but are not in season at all. You will therefore want to keep your eyes open for announcements and sales of herbs that you can use now rather than having to wait until the seasonal availability occurs. This way you can stock up on the stuff that appeals to you, especially if you are a newbie at this kind of gardening.

1. Indoor Perennial

One of the best herbs for eco-gardening is an indoor perennial like marigold or Angelica. These plants grow really well indoors and they look even better when they are out in the garden. Both plants are very pretty and have lovely blue flowers that come in all sorts of sizes. It is actually the height of popularity for these two plants.

2. Annuals

The best herbs for the outdoors are those that are annuals. You will often find varieties of herbs in containers for just these kinds of plants. Some people like to use herbs from their backyard, but there are some that prefer to buy them for this purpose. The annuals include thyme, tarragon, oregano and mint.

3. Perennial Herbs

Perennial herbs tend to be in season all year round, but their leaves don’t grow very long. What you want to do is to prune them often, so that the foliage stays large and bright and you get the most use out of them. These are among the best herbs for the environment. When you’re in the mood for cooking infused with southwestern and Native American flavors, these are perfect.

4. Indoor Herbs

There are the herbs that you can grow from seeds indoors such as basil, oregano and chives. These are the best herbs for small spaces. For the best growth and flavor they should be planted in the same season. You should be aware that basil leaves will wilt when exposed to water. So be sure to place these pots under a tree so it won’t rain before the herbs have finished blooming.

5. Outdoor Herbs

On the other hand, some of the best herbs for your garden are those that you can grow from your outdoors. Some of the best herbs that you can grow are the oregano, chives, mint and Rosemary. These herbs don’t really need much attention. Just add a little soil, a little fertilizer and you’re good to go. They don’t really need any special treatments except maybe the watering.

6. Keep Herbs Watered

One of the best tips for growing herbs is you should keep them watered. These herbs are perennial and therefore should be given extra care to avoid them becoming woody in a short amount of time. The best way to keep your herbs watered is to use a sprinkler. But make sure that the sprinkler is set on the grass so it doesn’t spill onto the herbs. You should also make sure that the area where you’re going to plant your herbs has good drainage.

7. Watch Out for Weeds

On the other hand, you also have to watch out for weeds especially during the spring season. There are some herbs that do well in the fall and winter seasons. If you’re planning on planting herbs in your yard, the first thing that you should do is to make a list of all the herbs that you know and have an interest in. You should also be aware that certain kinds of herbs only grow well indoors, for example, lavender, chives, and bay.

8. Conclusion

Best of all, many of the best herbs for gardening are easy to grow and maintain yourself. In fact, you can grow many of these herbs indoors in containers, without ever having to see the plants outside. Best of all, you can use a number of the same herbs each year, saving you a great deal of money by growing them yourself. If you have trouble getting the herbs to grow, don’t be afraid to buy a few extra pots. That way, if things ever get a little messy, you can just throw them out and grow new plants!

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