Best Fruits for Container Gardening

Best Fruits for Container Gardening

We all know that strawberries and blueberries are the favorite fruits for gardeners. But, what about the other best fruits for container gardening? Are there any other easy yet tasty fruits that can grow easily in small spaces? The answer is yes, there are literally hundreds of choices. It can be very easy to get lost in this vast selection and not know what to choose.

1. Suitable Fruits for Container Gardening

Although both blueberries and strawberries are summer fruits, prunes are winter-worthy and can be used both as summer and winter crops. Of course, all your favorite fruits are suitable for container gardening, including apricots, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, grapes, cherries, and other sweet fruits. There are some fruits that are best planted from seed, and others that should be plucked fresh from the vine. The most favorable time to plant any variety of tropical or other fruit is the late spring or early summer. Any other time will not yield as healthy a crop.

2. Plum

This is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to the listing of the best fruits for container gardening. Plum is very good for container gardening because it can be planted on its own or planted in a dwarf style right next to your other plants. If you have smaller trees or shrubs at home, a plum tree is probably a great idea. They’re fairly easy to care for and are even known to thrive in poor soil conditions.

3. Cherry

This fruit is pretty self explanatory. It’s very sweet and delicious. Cherry trees are best planted in full sun and should reach a height of 6 feet or more. They do pretty well in container gardening and can be used as an addition to your existing planting area.

4. Watermelon

This is a slightly sweeter variety of watermelon. The skin is somewhat thicker and it tends to be more tart than other varieties. This fruit is slightly more pruned than the rest of the watermelons and will be larger than most. You can harvest the fruit from late summer through early fall. The larger varieties can be picked often throughout the year but if you don’t mind eating the rind, you can also pick the fruit just before it starts to wilt out.

5. Grapes

This is a slightly sweeter variety of grapes. The skin is still quite firm, but not nearly as hard as the red variety. They can be used in a variety of containers. The smaller white variety is perfect for potted hanging baskets. If you’re going to be using the wine barrels in your container garden, make sure that you get the grapes that have been pressed and dried before you use them. This will prevent any of the oil from the skins seeping out and turning your wine sour.

6. Litchi

These litchis come in a few different varieties. The small white ones are perfect for container planters. The red variety is great for hanging baskets and window boxes. There is also a dwarf variety that has flowers that come out as baby buds. This is great for a container planter near a flower bed.

7. Oranges

This list of the best fruits for container gardening might seem to be without flavor. However, there are some great reasons why oranges would be a great choice. They’re high in antioxidants, so they help keep your immune system strong. They’re also relatively cheap. Oranges taste best when they’re fresh. You should soak them in water overnight, squeeze them dry and then add a little sugar or orange juice to bring out the best flavor.

8. Cherry Tomatoes

Even though it may take longer to grow a tree than it does to grow a fruit, containers such as the popular cherry tomato is an excellent choice for gardeners who have enough patience. Tomatoes usually do well in large pots, but some varieties require a trellis to get off the ground. If you cannot wait that long to plant a tomato, you can try growing a grapefruit tree in a small pot. Grow them in pots fruit style, and pick the fruits as you see them. You can eat them right off the vine.

9. Fruits that Grow on Vines

Most fruit that can be grown in small containers will be eaten right off the vine. If you grow a variety of fruits that are best bought in bulk or dried, they will save you some money in the process. The best way to select the best fruits for container gardening, however, is to do your research before you start planting. Choose tomatoes and other summer fruits that can be expected to do well in small containers.

10. Winter Season Fruits

One of the best things about summer gardening is that you don’t have to worry about the rigors of winter months. Winters bring long, cold winters that rob you of your outdoor pleasures. Fruits and vegetables can be hardy plants even in the depths of winter, provided they are given the proper conditions in the greenhouse. Knowing how to select the best fruits for container gardening will ensure a healthy yield in the spring.

11. Conclusion

If you haven’t tried any of the fruits on this list of the best fruits for container gardening, you should. They all have their own particular benefits and ways to add more space to your garden or even just bring your plants to a new level of beauty. Just make sure you do a little research before you get started. There are lots of great ideas out there.

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