Best Edible Plants for Raised Bed Gardening

Best Edible Plants for Raised Bed Gardening

If you are planning a backyard garden, you will need to choose the best edible plants for Raised Bed Gardening. The Edible Plants for Raised-Bed Gardening list below was put together by the Organic Gardening Association (OGA), an international organization dedicated to organic gardening, raising the consciousness of gardeners and concerned citizens in general about healthy living. It is one of the best guides on which to begin your research. On this list you will find:

1. Basil

This perennial herb starts out a little yellow and quickly turns purple as it matures. Basil can be used both as a spice or to top off many dishes. It is a perennial and so grows quite well. It has become popular in making Italian dishes.

2. Cilantro

One of the most popular culinary herbs and a favorite for Mexican dishes. Cilantro is also a favorite crop of Native Americans. Growing and trimming cilantro is a snap once you learn how to plant and care for it. A beautiful perennial, cilantro will keep for years and bring back great flavor each season.

3. Garlic

If you have never grown a garlic plant before, it is easy to do and really inexpensive. The cloves of garlic easily penetrate the soil and will quickly create a rich harvest each year. Many people chop up their garlic before cooking to save time but chopping a head of garlic and leaving the clove in the pot will ensure a wholesome crop the next time you make a pot of soup, salad or pasta. You can freeze the clove or use it in cooking; just uncover when needed.

4. Sage

Easily one of the most versatile culinary herbs, sage adds a little zest to any dish. While its not a good choice for most edibles, it can be used in soups, stews and sauces. The shoots, leaves and seeds are edible and many chefs enjoy sipping salsas made with the leaves of this legendary herb. When grown in the garden, sage will provide your table with a delightful treat on its own and add interest to your dinner table.

5. Peppers

Similar to mint in taste, pears and peaches are very sweet. While their flavor is somewhat strong, they are perfect to eat as a dessert. While not the best edibles plants, their delicate taste makes them ideal for entertaining.

6. Parsley

For many, parsley is one of the culinary herbs that they cannot live without. This versatile plant can be grown in a variety of habitats, grows easily and has a marvelous flavor. Growing this plant is fairly easy and does not require a great deal of work. In fact, if you live in a colder climate, this plant can even be grown without soil.

7. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the more popular culinary herbs, but they are also one of the easiest to grow. They are low maintenance, but will produce beautiful, colorful flowers in a short amount of time. Easily grown from seed, this plant can be stored for long periods of time, which makes it an ideal plant to give to a friend who lives far away. If you grow your own cucumbers, you can freeze or pickle them to enjoy them later.

8. Culinary Herbs

As with many other culinary herbs -such as basil, chives, oregano, Rosemary, thyme and others. you can grow your culinary herbs from seeds. Many people choose to start out by growing a small plant, then when it has developed and is big enough to see the leaves, they harvest the plant. Other people like to start out by keeping a plant in an indoor container and take it outside when it starts to bloom.

9. Provide Plenty of Space to Edible Plants

When growing your best edible plants for raised bed gardening, remember that you have to provide them with plenty of space. Edible gardens need room to spread and keep growing. Even if you have the soil and light conditions just right, some plants won’t be able to grow unless you give them the extra room they need. Plan your garden as you would a design project; think of the size and shape of the containers that you will use to house your edibles plants and add the decorative elements that will help make your design come to life.

10. Conclusion

While there are many other best edible plants for raised bed gardening that taste great and can be used as a delicious snack or as a healthy addition to a healthy diet, these are the best plants for snacking and entertaining. If you enjoy growing herbs, there are a number of easy recipes that use some of these culinary herbs. Whether you serve them raw, cooked, in sauces or salad dressings, they are sure to make your guest’s mouth water. And they make wonderful gifts too.

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