Benefits of Building Raised Beds on Allotment

Benefits of Building Raised Beds on Allotment

Many people wonder about the benefits of building raised beds on allotment. They may wonder how such a bed will be of benefit to someone who is not planning to live there permanently. The main reason why this type of bed is used is that it adds a lot of space. People can enjoy the outdoors. There are many reasons why a raised platform bed is used on an allotment.

1. Easy to Use for Allotment

It is easy to use a raised bed for an allotment. These types of beds normally come with their own ladders. They are made from durable materials and do not rust easily. They can be kept clean easily as well. Usually, these ladders are not very high so they do not interfere with the abilities of wheelchair users. This allows people with wheelchairs to use the bed without any problems at all.

2. Raised Beds Conserve A Lot of Space

When you raise your allotment with raised beds, it helps to conserve a lot of space. This is particularly useful if you have a small garden and are trying to maximise the amount of space you have. It allows you to create different sized beds which will be useful if you have younger children or elderly people living with you. These beds can also be used for storage of garden equipment, such as pruning shears and weed whackers.

3. Saving Money

One of the benefits of building raised beds on allotment is that it is also a great way to save money. In addition to paying for your own supplies, you could also save money by buying used beds at local estate sales or online. It is a fact that up to 90 per cent of garden equipment is sold at a discount when being replaced. If you plan on keeping the bed for a few years, it will make sense to buy the best you can afford. The same applies to furniture, you do not necessarily want to purchase second hand items as they can be dangerous.

4. Environmental Benefits

The benefits of building raised beds on allotment relate not just to saving money but also about the environmental benefits. Beds help to conserve water as they are built into a hillside. There is no runoff from the bed as rainwater is directed downstream. If you live in an area where ground water is abundant, you will not have to keep topping up your water supply with rainwater. This will reduce your monthly outgoings for your home as well.

5. Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Installing raised garden beds reduces your carbon footprint. As the bed is raised, it traps heat and therefore reduces the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the earth. You can reduce the level of carbon dioxide released from soil erosion and water evaporation by installing a raised bed. In turn, you can cut down on your carbon footprint by following a step by step strategy to grow vegetables on the beds. This, in turn, will allow you to eat organic produce grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

6. Raised Beds are Comfortable

A most common reason why people will choose a raised bed is because they are extremely comfortable. These types of beds are usually very luxurious. They can easily become a central point for people. One can enjoy the sights and sounds while relaxing in a luxury raised bed.

7. Health Benefits

Benefits of building raised beds for allotment also relate to your health. Because they are raised, there is less risk of suffering from back and knee problems associated with soil-related diseases. You may also find that the bed provides a more relaxing, peaceful environment in which to relax. Building a raised garden bed can give you the opportunity to work in harmony with nature and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

8. Sense of Privacy and Peace

Benefits of building a raised bed on allotment that many people don’t think about include the ability to enjoy a sense of privacy and peace. When you are not gardening, you can be just as active in your garden. Being able to escape the constant hustle and bustle of your usual life means you can better appreciate the beauty around you. The raised bed you have in your garden will give you a sense of protection as you don’t have to constantly look out for intruders. It’s a good idea to put a gate between your raised bed and your house so that you can enjoy complete privacy even when you are not in your garden.

9. Conclusion

There are many benefits of building raised beds on allotment that you should consider. If you are looking to renovate an area in your garden or renovate an existing one then consider creating a new space with this solution. If you are looking for a new and stylish way to relax then this type of construction could be ideal for you. With all of the benefits of building raised beds on allotment, there really is no need to delay any further.

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