Advantages of Growing Plants in Containers

Advantages of Growing Plants in Containers

Container Gardening

Container gardening or indoor gardening is the method of growing plants, which include flowering plants, mainly in pots as opposed to planting them directly in the soil and there are many advantages of growing plants in containers. It can take the shape of a pot, box, bowl, vase, pot, terracotta, cylinder or hanging pot. The best part is that it doesn’t require the gardener to have a deep understanding of chemistry, physics and cultivate knowledge. In fact, most of the things you need for successful container gardening are available at home, or if you want to be extra safe, buy plants from reputed garden centers or nurseries.

Container Gardening is Less Expensive

Growing plants in containers helps you save money on space. Also known as fixed garden, this system of gardening makes use of smaller areas and large varieties of plants. You can have a small plot of land and grow vegetables, herbs or fruits. If you have an extremely small space or if you live in a small apartment, this is a great option for you.

Vast Variety of Containers Available

There are different kinds of containers used for growing plants. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are aeroponic, soil culture, hydroponics, aquaponics, and others. These various kinds of gardening systems make use of hydroponics or water culture, where the plants get all their nutrients from the water. Other methods of growing plants include continuous culture, which means that the plants are grown individually inside the greenhouse, and in this case, seeds are sown in one plant at a time.

Survival of Plants is Easy

In this system of growing plants in containers, the gardener does not need to worry about the plant pollinating and ensuring its survival. The gardener also does not have to buy a continuous supply of seeds, because the container can provide the same conditions. With container gardening, the gardener can save a lot of money.

Money Can be Saved by Container Gardening

You will be able to save a lot of money when it comes to fertilizers and other essential elements since the nutrients are provided through water. This means that you will be able to control the quality of the soil. If you are looking for a cheaper way of growing plants in containers, then you should choose hydroponics. This method of container gardening allows you to have a low input of money as well as time.

Containers are Adjustable and Moveable

When it comes to container gardening, the gardener can easily adjust the lighting conditions and can do so on a monthly basis. Unlike with fixed garden, the gardener has more freedom when it comes to choosing the type of pots. For instance, the gardener can have tall pots in order to capture bigger particles of light, which he can use to speed up photosynthesis. Meanwhile, the smaller pots can allow aeration, so that the roots of the plants can receive enough oxygen, vital for healthy root growth.

Plants Adapt Themselves to Container Environment

When it comes to container gardening, you will also benefit from the fact that your plants will not have to go through the rigors of transplanting. These plants are already adapted to the specific conditions provided by the containers, making them more resistant to changing conditions than normal plants. However, this does not mean that containers need to be totally devoid of leaves. Instead, you should only remove the minimum necessary level of leaves in order to give your plants an adequate amount of sunlight they need. It is important to note that container plants need only a small amount of sunlight every day. If you do not pay attention to this principle, then you will be depriving your plants of the much-needed nutrients that would boost their growth.

Use of Hydroponics

One of the most convenient methods of growing plants in containers is using hydroponics. Hydroponics is the process of using water in order to provide a medium for plant growth. By doing so, you are reducing the amount of space that is taken up by the plants. This method is especially useful for those who have limited space available for gardening. You can easily find a number of companies that supply hydroponics equipment to help you get started with your own hydroponic gardening.

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